How does my WordPress website load fast?

WordPress website loads fast with just 2 key priorities. Mind it.

There are instances that WordPress hosted websites become quite sluggish. So the question is: how does one WordPress website load fast and the other doesn’t? You do not have to mingle around hundreds of stuff people are taking about. Just focus on 2 specific things I am listing below and your WordPress website may load faster than 80% of the global websites load timing.

How does my own WordPress website load fast?

The very first thing I have done is: hosted with Siteground that provisions SSD. This alone makes heck lot difference in WordPress website load timing.

I spent a lot of time choosing hosting companies that do not care about offering you speed rather than space. Regardless of their upgrade plan, you stay right there in term of your website load timing and that never improves.

Quite the opposite of mainstream hosting companies, you must choose a hosting company that focuses more on speed and less on space. You may fall for unlimited space but you are compromising the speed. There is not a single technology that will make your site load faster once the main architecture it is hosted on is slow itself. It’s just like adding too much spices to make a rotten food taste delicious. You won’t be eliminating the stinky smell anyway; and this is the only thing to ruin your efforts in making the food delicious. Add amazing spices to only the food that is fresh and ready to offer the taste of your likings.

What else does make my WordPress website load fast?

The second most important thing I have done is to apply the right kind of caching plugin. When your contents grow and the hosting resources is minimum, you want the less load over to the server and deliver the cached contents that would load faster and give snappier impact in load time. In this aspect, you do not have to run after the overhauling ones but go for runner-ups. In this category I’ve chosen WP Fastest Cache (WPFC) which is one of the simplest Caching Plugins in UI and works one of the best ways possible. If you have used shared hosting plan, there is no match to this caching plugin.

What is the speed of my WordPress website load timing?

In my most current speed test with Pingdom Speed Test, it shows just below 1 second (704 MS). I chose San Jose California as the nearest server to run the test and the site appears to be faster than 90% of the global tests.

I have listed 5 specific things to speed up website in the list that really make your WordPress website load tremendously fast regardless of the tech knowledge you may pose. And, finally do not worry about the external caching since it’s beyond your reach and won’t impact negatively at all.

How does my WordPress website load faster?