5 WordPress speed tips to make a website load lightening fast

WordPress speed tips that is likely to change the course of your business.

When your website loads lightening fast, you are already pocketing the visitors. You are quite ahead of the competitions once the site begins to load tremendously fast. Your visitors do not even feel like they are waiting to see the contents getting visible. Your contents, regardless of its nature, load lightening fast. This means you are likely to win your visitor and potentially delivering your product directly. This is the reason WordPress speed is quite essential and easily achievable.

It’s just the opposite when a site is too sluggish. You will lose your visitors who will easily abandon the site or just change their mind and bounce to somewhere else. This is a catastrophe in business. Once a visitor bounces, there is not any likelihood to get him/her back to the site which he/she just left because of the site pages or posts loading too slow.

The mantra is: make your site load just under 3 seconds. It’s a critical time factor. It’s quite crucial to website success and even contributes to website overall rankings.

Lets begin with the speed tips with the first tip first in making WordPress site load lightening fast.

#1 Get the Balanced Host

What does it mean? It warns that you would likely to choose a wrong hosting company or sluggish hosting plan if you do not know how things get balanced between Server (i.e. towards hosting plan) and Content Management (i.e. WordPress itself where you manage your site contents). If a Host is not balanced towards WordPress, you are likely to trap yourself in such a life-size tartar that would never allow you to freshen up. It would simply begin to decay your timeless efforts and wear you off scrap by scrap.

On the other hand, balanced host will understand WordPress inside and out. It will manage its infrastructure accordingly. The basic need of WordPress is a tremendously fast read and write speed. This can be only accomplish with the fastest drives possible. And a balanced host knows the demand of WordPress hence offers memory allocation accordingly. Contrarily, the imbalanced host sucks up both.

The most important part of a balanced host

The most important part of a balanced host is that you will have blazingly fast speed even with the entry hosting plan so that you can startup with pride. As the demands grows, you will expand resources as required. It’s quite simple. This is just the opposite with imbalanced hosting accounts and providers.

Therefore, pay attention to what hosting company you are likely to choose. Do not jump into a ditch knowing that you will most certainly require a dry-cleaning afterwards. Imbalanced hosting providers accounts are just like the ditch. It’s dirty and it needs a lot of cleaning. Too much unnecessary expenses awaiting on the way. This is the reason I suggest to go for SiteGround. Even the most basic shared plan comes with SSD deployed. No kidding. This clearly suggest how the host mean to balance your entry level productivity. SiteGround doesn’t compromise speed that is required to run WordPress site initially.

#2 Get the lightest theme possible to help get faster WordPress speed thus faster website load timing.

There are thousands and thousands of themes to choose from. Many of them come featured rich. Many of them have too many bells and whistles. Some have amazing demos and others are full of colors. This won’t make any sense at all when you count of productivity and returns. All these fancy themes are bundling either ton of free plugins or are depending on. Only a very handful of the themes are out there that are genuinely advance and offer active support. Be smart, chose WordPress builtin theme and customize it the way you like. You won’t regret in the long run.

WordPress Built-in themes, such as Twenty Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Sixteen / Seventeen are safer, faster, duly developed and cope with the core concept of WordPress as content management system. You got to withstand it. There are fantastic public and premium plugins that are actively developed, supported and debuted around the globe which you would not like to miss.  And having a few of them, you will be able to accomplish some pyramids of your business. Do not fall for fancy colors or extra designs. You can make a very simple yet quite sophisticated site using offered tools that are immensely powerful. The main mantra is: choose the simplest or the lightest theme possible – choose one of the built-in theme that comes bundled with WordPress install.

3# Deploy the Smartest Caching Engine that will facilitate to achieve WordPress speed by many times.

You do not have to be a pro to use a caching plugin. Either use one of the faster growing caching plugin or use services like CloudFlare. Some of the free caching plugins such as WP Fastest Cache will keep your site alive and make it load tremendously fast. The free version is quite enough to many but should you require more, there is its premium version as well which you can upgrade right from the plugin panel. This plugin is developed and supported by Emre Vona  who is also as fast in replying your concerns. This is my personal favorite Caching Plugin thus far.

Do not jump into any kind of caching plugins yet. Give a serious though before installing any kind of plugin that enters WordPress. Some may tear your site apart. Read reviews. Consider some research and then go get it. You would like to test ride on a non-production site first.

#4 Deploy Strongest Firewall Possible which will prevent hackers inject code to slowdown your WordPress speed.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system that hosts roughly one third of the world’s web now. Quite natural that hackers make WordPress sites their primary target. The more vulnerable the site, the easier to penetrate it remotely. Hence, pay much attention to deploy one of the strongest firewall security available. My personal favorite is WordFence. The free version is quite suffice to combat most kinds of threats. But you can always upgrade to the premium version should the need arise.

When your site is safe, you can keep up with the pace of development and in building greater clientele. Should you forget to prioritize site security, your work is at high risk.

Deployment of WordPress security and Firewall makes sure that your site is not hackable and is efficiently running well and smoothly. When foreign codes come into play into the heart of your website, the site may begin to crawl in a snail’s pace.

#5 Compress images keeping quality intact and that will dramatically increase WordPress speed.

Do not underestimate the image quality that would render quite much of the server resources while loading, as well as the visitors’ available internet resources. Lossless compression of images before uploading will make sure that your pages are not heavy with image metadata on it. This also communicates with site rankers and advocates on your behalf for long term ranking and position globally as well as locally. My personal favorite tool is ImageOptim, an awesome free tool for Mac users. And for Windows, it recommends FileOptimizer.

In my opinion, you don’t have to dig too much hole to speed up WordPress site. This list is all you will ever need to speed up your site. If you can not do it on your own, allow me to speed up your site.

Minimum WordPress speed tips that is unavoidable for a better website if you have no technical knowledge at all.

Or, if you think this is too much to work on, read ‘How does my WordPress website load fast?‘ and that will give you least jobs to do and most output possible in your favor.