Why do I recommend SiteGround exclusively?

There are a ton of hosting providers worldwide. Some are insanely cheaper and other stick with sky-high price tags. Some hosting companies we analyze are tremendously fast and furious. And they come with almost impossible to afford prices versus a startup entrepreneur or a hobbits blogger or the one who is starting up an e-commerce business site. Where is a hosting platform that is fast, reliable and balanced? The quest is over. We concluded that we do not have to look further than SiteGround.

There were times when we preferred HostGator, or GoDaddy or Bluehost for a balanced natured hosting company that were able to serve to millions globally. Now, the time has changed. Most of them are sluggish and underperforming. Some of them are pushing clients upgrade to achieve speed as their sites become a little popular. This is not the case with SiteGround. We have our own site hosted on it and have plenty of experience how the site performs. Like millions others, we have simply purchased the lowest resources possible from SiteGround and still our website runs faster than 90% of other sites tested in the US.

As a startup, all you will need is a reliable, secure, fast and efficient server that hosts your website. You do not want to fall behind in the competition. Many startups fall short figuring out this deep but the simplest idea and keep spending their invaluable time and hard earned money just figuring out why their site is not loading faster than others. This is quite a shame! Simply host your domain on SiteGround and forget about the site speed. If you fall short, just ask our help and we will configure it for you for Free – promise!

Summary in considering SiteGround

Once your website is on SiteGround, follow How does my WordPress website load fast? and you will be just fine. If you want to work a little harder to make it even better, read 5 WordPress speed tips to make a website load lightening fast and you are all set.