Managed WordPress


Fully Managed WordPress Support – Free


This is a managed WordPress support service that we are providing for any WordPress startup or those who are seeking skilled backend manager for their WordPress website(s).

You are not paying anything to us. You are just adding this support service in the Cart and checking out so that we have your info in the system.

When you place an order, that will help us begin to support you and accomplish your project the fastest way possible.

We will reach you out and require important information to begin within the next hour or so.

We’re often asked: DOES THIS PROJECT COST $$?

  • This project is free.
  • You don’t have to pay.
  • Request support now.
  • Helps get free domain.
  • Helps build website.
  • Helps backup/restore.
  • Checks vulnerability.
  • Suggests prevention.
  • Provides SEO support.
  • Offers backend help.
  • Installs WordPress.
  • Designs startup site.
  • And more for free.

So, the answer is: NO!

Already Know?

Please know that you may not need our support service if you already:

  • know how to setup WordPress
  • understand WordPress site security and firewall
  • can update plugins, theme and upgrade WordPress rollouts
  • have an idea about search engine optimizations, a.k.a SEO
  • can play with hosting account and mess-up with cPanel and WHM
  • have some ideas about implementing SSL certificates on your server
  • know how to setup multiple email account for multiple purposes
  • can socialize your website to major social platforms
  • know how to market your website efficiently and cost effectively
  • know how to stay alert on hackers’ attempts in penetrating your site
  • can create backup copies of contents, databases and restore when needed

First Time?

If you just want a simple WordPress website to upload your creativity, like to startup a personal blog or need a site for some simple purpose, may be selling a few items that you have or planning to make some money selling or spreading ideas, we can help you by managing your WordPress backend for free. You have less stress to take care of the site security, updates, upgrades, backup or any sort of unforeseen events or incidences.

These tips may help you if you are arrived here first:

All you will need to do it, follow the page it says Find Domain. See if the website name (domain) is available.

You may use any of the domain search tools to get a perfect website name you are looking for.

If your website name is available, follow Make It Yours and complete the purchase process.

Once you finish the process, simply come back to our website and use Get In Touch page.

From that point onward, we will expedite your WordPress setup, create some startup pages and will help you understand some basics to critical ideas prior to production site.

Once you acquire those ideas, you can jump start from the front-end leaving us take care of your backend needs immediately. We’ll be supporting your backend needs until your production site is ready to grow. Or even then after if you wish to. It will be always free.