How to center WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme?

Are you interested to center content of the theme Twenty Fourteen theme? Of course you are. Otherwise you would never be in here. Lol! here’s the simple code you will put in your theme’s Style Css.

.site { margin: 0 auto; }

Not yet… See, it’s easy but you need to follow a few steps in doing so. Actually we are not putting this code to our main theme Style CSS. We need to first create a child theme for Twenty Fourteen. There’s a simple way to accomplish this.

First, install Child Theme Configurator and create a child theme. Then you may simply delete the plugin. Next, activate your brand new child theme and click on the theme editor and put the code you just have it. That will be all.

Once you have the center content, you may need to reconfigure the header, menu or anything you like to. Do it at your heart’s content.