Collaborate With Us &
We’ll Manage Backend

We’ve made this quite a simple workflow.

  1. Purchase a domain name (website name) and a hosting plan to hook that domain name with.
  2.  Should you own any or both of these, we would begin from there on.
  3. Otherwise, we’ll assist you to get a domain name of your choice and faster hosting plan that will just fit your bill. We exclusively recommend SiteGround.
  4. Once, you acquire domain name and hosting plan, we’ll set up WordPress the very same day and begin to manage it for you from that point onward.
  5. We call it Managed WordPress. You take care of your business, and we’ll take care of your website backend management.

Want to learn more? Send Us Email letting us know your concerns. And we will be back with you in less than two hours time.

Does it cost? Absolutely negative. Our backend management doesn’t cost you any and we have our own sponsors that make such a great service management possible.

The simple reason is: we want everyone aboard and running on one of the largest platforms in the planet: WordPress with a faster site loading and better site backend management.

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