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How does my WordPress website load fast?

WordPress website loads fast with just 2 key priorities. Mind it.

There are instances that WordPress hosted websites become quite sluggish. So the question is: how does one WordPress website load fast and the other doesn’t? You do not have to mingle around hundreds of stuff people are taking about. Just focus on 2 specific things I am listing below and your WordPress website may load faster than 80% of the global websites load timing. Continue reading How does my WordPress website load fast?

WordPress Builtin Theme Customization

As it is apparent that we are using WordPress builtin theme Twenty Fourteen which we like it. Still we like to tweak it here and there. Wondering how to accomplish such? Or, you like the way we have implemented the theme tweak? There we go… we gonna disclose all the CSS for you to play with. Copy and paste the entire CSS in your theme’s Additional CSS section and you will have the results in real time: Continue reading WordPress Builtin Theme Customization