About Nail

Hi! I’m Nail. And WP is an attached abbreviation of WordPress. I love WordPress. I write about WordPress. Compile codes all around WordPress. Screen bad behaviors throughout WordPress implementation and recommend crisp and safe practices that directly benefit you and your clientele.

I do not charge for any of the services I offer. Contact me if you have SEO issues. Email me if you require WordPress backend support. Write me if your site is falling apart. Seek my help if your sites are hacked.

I do not code myself neither develop any theme or plugin. I inspect and apply the most efficient practices to mitigate issues. You can call me a WordPress Tech. I study and analyze contents so that I can offer the most productive implementation whenever the necessity arrises.

Still I do not require any fees for providing multitudes of services ranging from proactive to productive WordPress content management backend services, security and SEO analysis.

I also provide frontend services seamlessly should you require specific assistance in the areas you are not quite having some grips on. Seek my help whenever your hammer misses the nails. Feel free to write and let loose your thoughts, projects or productivity oriented ideas, concepts or similar activities that require strong WordPress frontend, as well as backend support and limitless management. This is the only resource that can potentially offer you plenty of time to build a better business or similar services. Collaborate with me and see how you grow.