Welcome to NAILWP – a comprehensively free and professionally next generation WordPress configuration and backend management project for all.

We are WordPress lovers in partnership with SiteGround to help you setup your WordPress website the same day your approach us. No domain (website) name yet? No worries. We can help you get a domain name for free. We will also help you choose one of the most cost effective and efficient hosting providers. Faster hosting account means efficient website performance.

Do we help setup SEO as well?

Certainly, Yes! Once you acquire domain name and hosting account, we will manage WordPress install and setup a few startup pages for your brand new website. We will then install and configure SEO plugin and make it ready for you to work on the fly. This is all on us. We just don’t stop there yet. The next configuration term is Security.

Do we secure your brand new website?

That’s right. We do secure your brand new website for free. You do not have to spend anything for keeping your site iron-clad secure. Your site will be brut-force proof. Should you choose to cellphone sign-in or double authentication, we will be able to assist you in acquiring such in matter of moments. Your website and its security is our topnotch priority. Not only we stop there, we make sure that you are ready for any kind of unseen mishaps or disasters in the future. This is going to be our next topic.

Do we offer disaster recovery support ?

We are quite open and straightforward in our support strategies. We do not stop there yet. We make sure that we help you understand about unseen incidents and events that may occur without any warning whatsoever and make you ready for any strength of disaster with sufficient recovery resources. You will not be left alone. In case of any unforeseen disaster, we are a click or a message or call away to help you get back on time. We are always standby and in your side – whenever and wherever you need.

Does such support cost anything?

This entire support service will save you time and money because we do not charge you any for all standard services – the entire standard services are absolutely free. Whichever are premium plugins or applications, we will let you know about the developer or vendor’s pricing in black and white. You won’t pay us anything ever unless you wanna hire us exclusively for a dedicated project or so. The hard job is already taken care of for free. Once again, you do not pay us anything ever. Our Managed WordPress Support Service it totally free.